Boss Meri Kona

Boss Meri  - A term in the Papua New Guinea's Tok Pisin language used as an expression that translates to a strong independent woman that embodies class, confidence and motivation.

Kona - Simply translates to describing a specific space familiar to the individual - the literal meaning of corner.

Combine the two terms together and here we are. 

Also this was not taken in google.

My name is Edna :) I am a proud Papua New Guinean who grew up in Burn City Melbourne, Australia - I have always had a strong desire to showcase and involve my time in the artistry  of P.N.G inspired jewellery. 

2020 being such an amazing year for the world...NOT! This pandemic had allow me to discover a new project and create this online business.

The jewellery I will be providing to you is all costume wear but are definitely are of genuine quality which I made to be affordable as possible. 

It makes me so excited to share these gorgeous jewellery pieces with you all and I hope you all love them as much as I do. 

Thank you